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HTML events can trigger actions in a browser.

HTML Events

Every element on an HTML page has events which can trigger a JavaScript.

For example, we can use the onClick event of a button element to indicate that a function will run when a user clicks on the button. We define the events in the HTML tags.

Examples of events:

  • A mouse click
  • A web page or an image loading
  • Mousing over a hot spot on the web page
  • Selecting an input field in an HTML form
  • Submitting an HTML form
  • A keystroke

In the following example, Content of the h1 element will change when a user clicks on it:


<h1 onclick="this.innerHTML='Ooops!'">Click on this text</h1>

You can also add the script in the head section, and then call a function from the event handler:


<script type="text/javascript">
function changetext(id)
<h1 onclick="changetext(this)">Click on this text</h1>

More About HTML Events

For all HTML events, look at our complete HTML DOM Event Object Reference.

More Examples

onmousedown and onmouseup
Change an image when a user holds down the mouse button.

Display an alert box when the page has finished loading.

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