HTML5 <hr> Tag


Use the <hr> tag to define a change in the content:

<p>HTML is a language for describing web pages.</p>

<hr />

<p>CSS defines how to display HTML elements.</p>
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Definition and Usage

The <hr> tag inserts a horizontal rule, which should define a thematic change in the content.

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5

In HTML5, the <hr> tag displays a horizontal rule, and defines a change in the content.

In HTML 4.01 it just displayes a horizontal rule.

All attributes in HTML 4.01 (align, noshade, size, and width) are deprecated in HTML 4.01, and not supported in HTML5. You should use CSS to style the hr element.

Standard Attributes

The <hr> tag also supports the Standard Attributes in HTML5.

Event Attributes

The <hr> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML5.

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