HTML5 <option> Tag


A drop-down list with four options:

<option value="Sachin">Sachin</option>
<option value="Ganguly">Ganguly</option>
<option value="Maxwell">Maxwell</option>
<option value="white">white</option>
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Definition and Usage

The option element defines an option in the drop-down list. 

Differences Between HTML 4.01 and HTML5

In HTML5, the <option> element is also used in the new element <datalist>.

Tips and Notes

Note: The <option> tag can be used without any attributes, but you usually need the value attribute, which indicates what is sent to the server.

Note: Use this tag in conjunction with <select> or <datalist> elements, elsewhere it is meaningless. 


Attribute Value Description
disabled disabled Specifies that the option should be disabled when it first loads
label text Specifies a shorter label for an option
selected selected Specifies that the option should appear selected (will be displayed first in the list)
value text Defines the value of the option to be sent to the server

Standard Attributes

The <option> tag also supports the Standard Attributes in HTML5.

Event Attributes

The <option> tag also supports the Event Attributes in HTML5.

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