HTML DOM Node Information

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The nodeName, nodeValue, and nodeType properties contain information about nodes.

Node Properties

In the HTML DOM, each node is an object.

Objects have methods and properties that can be accessed and manipulated by JavaScript.

Three important node properties are:

  • nodeName
  • nodeValue
  • nodeType

The nodeName Property

The nodeName property specifies the name of a node.

  • nodeName is read-only
  • nodeName of an element node is the same as the tag name
  • nodeName of an attribute node is the attribute name
  • nodeName of a text node is always #text
  • nodeName of the document node is always #document

Note: nodeName always contains the uppercase tag name of an HTML element.

The nodeValue Property

The nodeValue property specifies the value of a node.

  • nodeValue for element nodes is undefined
  • nodeValue for text nodes is the text itself
  • nodeValue for attribute nodes is the attribute value

Get the Value of an Element

The Below example retrieves the text node value of the <p id="intro"> tag:



<p id="intro">Hai Everyone</p>

<script type="text/javascript">


The nodeType Property

The nodeType property returns the type of node. nodeType is read only.

The most important node types are:

Element type NodeType
Element 1
Attribute 2
Text 3
Comment 8
Document 9

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