PHP array_merge_recursive() Function

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Definition and Usage

The array_merge_recursive() function merges one ore more arrays into one array.

The difference between this function and the array_merge() function is when two or more array elements have the same key. Instead of override the keys, the array_merge_recursivse() function makes the value as an array.



Parameter Description
array1 Required. Specifies an array
array2 Optional. Specifies an array
array3 Optional. Specifies an array

Tips and Notes

Note: If you assign only one array to the array_merge_recursive() function, it will behave exactly the same as the array_merge() function.



The output of the code above will be:

Array (
[a] => Horse
[b] => Array ( [0] => Dog [1] => Cat )
[c] => Cow

Complete PHP Array Reference
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