PHP array_uintersect() Function

Complete PHP Array Reference

Definition and Usage

The array_uintersect() function compares two or more arrays, in a user-made function, and returns an array containing the elements from the first array, if the user-made function allows it. The user-made function compares array values, and returns a numeric value, 0 if the returned array should contain this element.



Parameter Description
array1 Required. The first array is the array that the others will be compared with
array2 Required. An array to be compared with the first array
array3 Optional. An array to be compared with the first array
function Required. The name of the user-made function

Tips and Notes

Hint: You can compare the first array with one array, or as many as you like.

Note: Only the value is used in the comparison.


function myfunction($v1,$v2)
if ($v1===$v2)
  return 0;
if ($v1 > $v2) return 1;
  return -1;
return 1;

The output of the code above will be:

Array ( [a] => Cat [b] => Dog )

Complete PHP Array Reference
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