PHP array_walk_recursive() Function

Complete PHP Array Reference

Definition and Usage

The array_walk_recursive() function runs each array element in a user-made function. The array's keys and values are parameters in the function. The difference between this function and the array_walk() function is that with this function you can work with deeper arrays (an array inside an array). Returns True or False



Parameter Description
array Required. Specifying an array
function Required. The name of the user-made function
parameter Optional. Specifies a parameter to the user-made function

Tips and Notes

Hint: You can assign one parameter to the function, or as many as you like.


function myfunction($value,$key)
echo "The key $key has the value $value<br />";

The output of the code above will be:

The key a has the value Cat
The key b has the value Dog
The key 1 has the value Bird
The key 2 has the value Horse

Complete PHP Array Reference
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