XForms Actions

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XForms Actions are handling response to events.

The message Element

The XForms message element defines a message to be displayed in the XForms user interface.

Look at this simplified example:

<input ref="fname">
  <label>First Name</label>
  <message level="ephemeral" event="DOMFocusIn">
  Input Your First Name

In the example above, the message "Input Your First Name" should be displayed as a tool tip when the input field gets focus.

The event="DomFocusIn" defines the event to trigger the message.

The level="ephemeral" defines the message to be displayed as a tool tip.

Other values for the level attribute are modal and modeless, defining different types of message boxes.

The setvalue Element

The XForms setvalue element defines a value to be set in response to an event.

Look at this simplified example:

<input ref="size">
  <setvalue value="50" event="xforms-ready"/>

In the example above, the value 50 will be stored in the "size" input field, when the form opens.

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