XForms Properties

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XForms Properties

XForms uses properties to define data restrictions, types and behaviors.


A required="true()" property means that the input field is required (cannot be empty on submit).

A type="decimal" property will only allow a decimal value to be submitted.

A calculate property can calculate a value.

Bind Properties to Data

XForms uses the bind element to bind XForms properties to XForms data:

  <bind nodeset="person/lname" required="true()"/>

In the example above, the <bind nodeset="person/lname" required="true()"> specifies that the lname input field is required (cannot be empty on submit).

XForms Properties Reference

Name Description
calculate Defines a calculation to be performed on the item
constraint Defines a constraint for the item
p3ptype Defines a P3P data type for the item
readonly Defines an edit restriction for the item (cannot be changed)
relevant Defines how relevant the data is (for display or submission)
required Defines that a data item is required (cannot be blank)
type Defines the data type for the item

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