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Definition and Usage

The <fo:block> object defines a block of output. Blocks are sequences of output in rectangular boxes.

The <fo:block> object is used to format paragraphs, titles, headlines, etc.




Property [A-J] Property [K-Z]
azimuth keep-together
background-attachment keep-with-next
background-color keep-with-previous
background-image language
background-repeat last-line-end-indent
background-position-horizontal left
background-position-vertical linefeed-treatment
border-after-color line-height
border-after-style line-height-shift-adjustment
border-after-width line-stacking-strategy
border-before-color margin-bottom
border-before-style margin-left
border-before-width margin-right
border-bottom-color margin-top
border-bottom-style orphans
border-bottom-width padding-after
border-end-color padding-before
border-end-style padding-bottom
border-end-width padding-end
border-left-color padding-left
border-left-style padding-right
border-left-width padding-start
border-right-color padding-top
border-right-style pause-after
border-right-width pause-before
border-start-color pitch
border-start-style pitch-range
border-start-width play-during
border-top-color relative-position
border-top-style richness
border-top-width right
bottom role
break-after script
break-before source-document
color space-after
country space-before
cue-after span
cue-before speak
elevation speak-header
end-indent speak-numeral
font-family speak-punctuation
font-selection-strategy speech-rate
font-size start-indent
font-size-adjust stress
font-stretch text-align
font-style text-align-last
font-variant text-altitude
font-weight text-depth
hyphenate text-indent
hyphenation-character top
hyphenation-keep visibility
hyphenation-ladder-count voice-family
hyphenation-push-character-count volume
hyphenation-remain-character-count white-space-collapse
id white-space-treatment
intrusion-displace widows


Blocks are sequences of output in rectangular boxes:

This block of output will have a one millimeter border around it.


Blocks are sequences of output that can be styled individually:

This block of output will be written in a 12pt sans-serif font.


  font-size="14pt" font-family="cursive" color="green"
  space-before="4mm" space-after="4mm">

  font-family="cursive" font-size="12pt"
  space-before="4mm" space-after="4mm">
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Output Will Be :


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