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Definition and Usage

The <fo:conditional-page-master-reference> object specifies a page-master to be used when the conditions defined are true.

This allows different page-masters to be used for different pages (e.g. odd and even pages, first page, blank pages).

Three properties, page-position, odd-or-even, blank-or-not-blank, specifies the conditions. All three conditions must be true for the <fo:conditional-page-master-reference> to be true.

  • page-position is true if the generated page has the specified position (first, last, rest, any)
  • odd-or-even is true if the value is "any" or if the value (odd, even) matches the page number
  • blank-or-not-blank is true, if the value is "not-blank" and the page has areas generated by descendants of <fo:flow>; if the value is "blank" and the page has no areas from <fo:flow>; or if the value is "any"





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