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Definition and Usage

The <fo:leader> object can be used used to:

  • generate "." to separate titles from page numbers in table of contents
  • create input fields in forms
  • create horizontal rules

If the leader's length is too long to fit in the area, the leader will begin a new line.

The children of the <fo:leader> object are ignored unless the leader-pattern property is "use-content". If the <fo:leader> has no children and the leader-pattern property is "use-content", the leader is filled with blank space.

If the leader should fill all space on a line, the max length of the leader should be at least as large as the width of the column.




Property [A-K] Property [L-Z]
azimuth leader-alignment
alignment-adjust leader-length
alignment-baseline leader-pattern
background-attachment leader-pattern-width
background-color left
background-image letter-spacing
background-repeat line-height
background-position-horizontal margin-bottom
background-position-vertical margin-left
baseline-shift margin-right
border-after-color margin-top
border-after-style padding-after
border-after-width padding-before
border-before-color padding-bottom
border-before-style padding-end
border-before-width padding-left
border-bottom-color padding-right
border-bottom-style padding-start
border-bottom-width padding-top
border-end-color pause-after
border-end-style pause-before
border-end-width pitch
border-left-color pitch-range
border-left-style play-during
border-left-width relative-position
border-right-color richness
border-right-style right
border-right-width role
border-start-color rule-style
border-start-style rule-thickness
border-start-width source-document
border-top-color space-end
border-top-style space-start
border-top-width speak
bottom speak-header
color speak-numeral
cue-after speak-punctuation
cue-before speech-rate
dominant-baseline stress
elevation text-altitude
font-family text-depth
font-selection-strategy text-shadow
font-size top
font-size-adjust visibility
font-stretch voice-family
font-style volume
font-variant word-spacing

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